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About Us

Changing the Conversation About Success

We encourage people over 50 to contribute their leadership, integrity, and allyship in collaboration with others to enrich all their lives.

Our mission is to empower people over 50 to share life’s inspirational perspectives and benefit from the vibrancy and strength that can only be earned with experience.

Our goal is to create a platform for empowering and inspiring people over 50 to maintain vibrancy, continue personal and professional growth, and make a greater impact on others in NJ and beyond.

Marcella Gencarelli
Helen Lawler
Core Values:

• Leadership
• Integrity
• Allyship
• Vibrancy
• Inspiration


Membership criteria:
• Be over 50
• Success/notable achievement and/or significant community impact
• Committed to participating in events
• Willing to actively contribute knowledge, experience, and expertise
• Support and encourage the efforts of members to make a greater impact

Andrew Frasier

Membership Benefits


Access to network of vibrant and successful leaders with integrity who are 50+


Speakers on topics relevant to exceptional people who are 50+ 


Opportunities to collaborate and work with others as an Ally


Inspire and be inspired through the efforts and experiences of members

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